S/4HANA Sales Order - Basic ATP for Sales Kits


In S/4HANA Sales and Distribution you can utilize sales kits. With Basic Available to Promise for Sales Order Kits you can ensure that you: Make commitments based on the availability of entire product bundle Consider the replenishment lead time for each component. Stand out from competitors with available and competitive bundles.

S/4HANA AATP - Customer Promise with Capacity Constraints


With the 1909-version of S/4HANA Advanced Available-to-Promise, your business is one step closer towards intelligent order-promising. Not only can your company ringfence available stock for specific markets or customer groups, but you can also take into consideration other constraints, such as transportation capacity. S/4HANA AATP helps your business: Guarantee availability in all critical markets when supply is limited, protect your most valuable customers from stockouts and understand capacity constraints before making your customer promises. In this video, we will see how product allocations and capacity constraints across different regions can play an active role in protecting your business priorities and profitability goals.


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