SAP S/4HANA MRP Production Strategies


The ancient art of Material Requirements Planning is still going strong. In this video, we are describing the different production strategies and how they can be utilized in MRP. With proper usage of MRP, you should expect to see: Enhanced customer service by increased efficiency and visibility of orders. Reduced inventory levels and cost through efficient decision making. Saved time through automation.

SAP S/4HANA MRP Change Request


The MRP Change Request App in S/4HANA provides MRP controllers with real-time awareness of material shortage situations, a system guided support for issue resolution, collaborative change tracking capabilities and an always up-to-date MRP-plan.

S/4HANA Inventory Turnover Analysis


Inventory Turnover Analysis in S/4HANA helps your business maintain accurate inventory at appropriate stock levels while minimizing working capital, achieving the targetted level of customer service and support stable operations.

S/4HANA DDMRP - Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning - DDMRP vs MRP


Have you wondered how DDMRP differs from classical MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and how it can help your business? Maybe you thought that classical MRP indeed was “Demand-Driven”? This video explains the main differences between Demand Driven MRP and MRP and takes you through a practical example of Demand Driven Requirements Planning. DDMRP can help your business by: • Bring stability to the production environment, avoid managing missing parts and incomplete orders • Compress lead times in production by strategically placed inventory buffers • Synchronize inventory with demand

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