SAP S/4HANA Extended Warehouse Management - Picking with Packing at Work Center


In this video we will look at another of the many picking strategies provided by SAP Extended Warehouse Management; Picking with Packing at Work Center. With this picking strategy, you can pick orders faster, since multiple workers may pick on the same sales order – in parallel. You can increase accuracy through the additional control the packing step provides. Finally, You can easier cater to product and customer-specific packaging requirements.

SAP EWM Pick Cart Multi Order Picking Fiori App


SAP EWM represents more than 13 years of continuous innovation. The Fiori based Pick Cart app is just one example of innovations that brings efficiency as well as intuitive user experience. With this app, you can pick multiple customer orders with a pick cart in a single trip through the warehouse. Besides, reducing the overall walking distance, the process provides sorting during picking and eliminates subsequent consolidation or packing steps. Multi-order picking, aka batch picking, is especially suitable when you have multiple orders with the same SKU and the standard orders have relatively few order lines. A situation that is quite common for online retailers, among others.

SAP EWM Pick Pack and Pass


Pick, Pack and Pass is used to coordinate picking, packing and transportation of products in different activity areas of your warehouse. You use this function to coordinate picking, packing and transportation of products in different activity areas in your warehouse. For example, you transport products from one activity area to another using a conveyor belt. From an organizational point of view, an activity area can correspond to an aisle, for which a warehouse worker is responsible. As soon as the warehouse worker has picked a warehouse order in his area, he passes on the goods.

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