S/4HANA EWM Kit to Order with VAS Order


Using sales kits can help your business increase the average order value, improve inventory turnover through attractive product bundles as well as stand out from the competition with unique offers. With the Kit to Order process in Extended Warehouse Management, you will experience; Increased flexibility in fulfilment of customer-specific requirements. Reduction of inventory cost and freeing up of warehouse space Better ability to respond to late changes by assembling during order fulfilment.

S/4HANA Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Production Integration


S4HANA Extended Warehouse Management (#EWM) supports a wide range of warehouse types. It can help your business run your Distribution Centers, Service Parts Warehouses, Terminal, Hubs, and your Production Warehouses. With the Advanced #Production Integration, you can stage products to your production lines, consume components in real-time and receive directly from the production line—all contributing to a more streamlined operation and better #visibility. You can also integrate ERP and warehouse operations directly with your shop floor systems, like SAP ME. In this rather long video, we will show the process, entirely run in SAP.


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